Inspiring Chinese Interior Design Themes

If there are color contradictions, they are only found in some decorations such as chocolate brown long sofa and some side chairs with same color as the sofa. Chinese room decor in general, including this design, doesn’t required crowded furniture or decorations inside. Instead of the quantity, they emphasizes on the artistic value of the decorations. Items with original accent such big vase with Chinese letter motives, Buddha small figure, and other Chinese-ethnical items are enough to create Chinese nuance inside it. The second Interior design from China that can be good inspiration is China-ethnical nature theme. This interior design theme is characterized by natural paintings such flower, animal (dragon, bird, tiger) forest, tree, sky, etc. Mostly, those paintings are applied on the wall, but you can find them either on floor or ceiling; and even in furniture such table, rugs, cabinets and so on.