Minimalist Beautiful Home Interiors should be Started from Living Room

In making your whole house looks great, you must concentrate in making beautiful living room, because living room is the center or heart of the house. For small house, choosing the right colors of the wall and floor is the main key. Pick brighter colors instead of darker ones, because bright colors can add spacious impression to your small house. In contrast, darker colors will make the room looks narrower and densely. So, pick the right combinations of bright colors, such light blue for the wall and white for the ceramic floor. Color aspect goes along with lighting. Small living room really needs good lighting; because if it lack of light, it will be look darker and narrower as well. This lighting issue can be resolved by implementing large transparent window in the middle-upper part of the living room, or adding more ventilation. Then, don’t buy too much unnecessary furniture, especially furniture with big size. They will stuff out your small living room.